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Hedge Fund Solutions
Network Trading Solutions (NTS) is a full service financial-technology consulting firm with a major division focusing exclusively on Hedge Fund solutions. Our consultants have quickly and cost efficiently designed, created and implemented cutting edge custom technology applications that have added true business value to many of the nations top funds. Our applications are used both by portfolio managers and traders for complex real time analytical, performance and risk management reporting and by CFO's/accounting groups for complete customized "end of day/start of day" reporting. With deep knowledge of the asset management business, and our key partners averaging almost 20 years experience in "Wall Street Technology", we are able to intimately understand our clients pressing reporting/systems needs and deliver highly customized yet "industrial strength" solutions.
In today's rapidly changing an expanding asset management marketplace, hedge funds have an ever-increasing need to manage, reconcile and analyze data from a growing number of diverse sources including:

Typical needs of trading, operations, and accounting are addressed real-time including: We are able to offer these benefits and generate any other reports needed by your fund by combining the power of custom development [using the universal and powerful (yet highly flexible) Microsoft environment (Windows XP)] and two unique proven technical components including:
  1. A highly flexible data consolidator allowing virtually any type of system data (e.g market data vendor feeds, text files, mainframe dumps, spreadsheets, client server data etc…) to be fully integrated
  2. A cutting edge generic reporting tool creating dynamic reports where fields can be "drag and dropped" to create new reports instantly and offering "drill down" (allowing any number in any report to be clicked with all positions/trades/analytics supporting that number appearing instantly)
With our applications users get ALL the information they need, WHEN they need it and HOW they need it. All at a reasonable cost and completely customized to your unique market views and needs. Please call us to arrange for a free demo so that you can see first hand how NTS can add true value to your organization through our unique hedge fund solutions.
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